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The compactor roller or otherwise known as a road roller compactor is the equipment used in flattening and compressing the ground using a heavy roller. On its front is the roller which is a dual-axle machine composed of two axles connected by a shaft. Its engine is situated above the rear axle or sometimes at the back of the front axle. The rear axle comes with two drums that are located on each end. For compactor rollers equipped with tires, they are usually incorporated with groves and are inflatable – mostly looking like tractor tires. If you’re planning to rent from a Compactor Roller Rental in Singapore, you’ll need to understand these few things.

How it works

As mentioned earlier, the compactor roller the weight of the roller to compress and flatten the ground. The compression process can be done through static or dynamic compression. The static compression involves mainly rolling over a surface to flatten or compress it. On the other hand, dynamic compression involves vibrations to level the ground.

The compactor roller comes equipped with two or more heavy drums which function as the drive and pushing force. Some rollers are equipped with drums that deliver vibrations to the ground. The vibrations are produced by the weights connected to the shaft of the motor. Rollers that make use of vibrations to level a surface is more efficient as well as more accurate.

When it comes to weight, the traditional handheld drum roller weighs 45 kg, and the full-scale compactor weighs around 20 to 60 tons. The weight of the roller can also vary depending on the material of the ground. An example of this is for asphalt which only requires a weight of 10 to 18 tons – the thicker and denser the layer, the heavier would be the needed weight of the roller.

Types of Compactor Rollers

Now there are also different types of Compactor Rollers that you should consider depending on their use. They are as follows:

Cylindrical Rollers – the cylindrical road roller compactor is the basic type of compactor roller that features a smaller and much lighter cylindrical roller. This roller is ideal for flattening and compressing sports grounds, gardens, cricket pitches, and other yard works.

Grid Rollers – this type of roller makes use of a series of steel bars to flatten the ground. The steel bars are arranged in a grid-like manner over the steel drum and are usually used for well-graded coarse soils and rocks.

Pneumatic Rollers – the pneumatic rollers make use of pneumatic tires to flatten the ground. It delivers uniform pressure towards the area covered by the width of the tires. Ideal for finishing asphalt paving.

Sheepsfoot rollers – also known as Padfoot, the sheepsfoot roller is designed with extruding rectangular legs incorporated on the drum roller. This roller is ideal for compacting soft, wet, and silty soil or ground.

Wheeled rollers – commonly known as static rollers, these rollers are designed with two drum rollers – one on the front and the other at the rear. The pair or drums enable faster and more efficient ground compression.

Vibratory Rollers – just like the wheeled roller, their vibratory roller also enables faster and more efficient ground compression with the use of two drums. The only difference is that it makes use of vibrations.

Popular brands

The quality of the compactor roller that you should aim to rent would depend mostly on the brand name. The brand name speaks for the durability, quality, and effectiveness of the unit. Some of the best brands of compactor rollers include JCB, CAT, and Volvo.

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