Motor Graders

Motor Graders Rental in Singapore

Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd has one of Singapore’s largest fleets of motor graders for rent.

What is a motor grader

A motor grader is a heavy equipment used to flatten, grade and shape land for agricultural, commercial and residential purposes. The grader can be used to build up the topography of a hill or to smooth out uneven land. Motor graders are used in a variety of industries such as construction, road maintenance, mining and landscaping.

How does a motor grader work

It works by using a powerful motor and a set of blades to dig up the surface of the earth. A machine like this is commonly used for road construction, where the blade can be adjusted to create a smooth, level surface that is ready for asphalt or concrete.

What are different types of Motor grader

Like other heavy construction machinery and equipment, motor grades come in different types and sizes.

Different types of motor graders

  • Rigid frame motor grader

The rigid frame motor grader is the most traditional kind, and it is usually used for everyday grading jobs. Rigid frame motor graders are commonly used to grade farm land or construction sites. This motor grader has a long rectangular frame that forms a rectangle. It has four wheels attached to it on the frame. Two on the front of the frame and two on the back. The blade is attached to the frame by hinges, and it swings back and forth depending on how the machine is operated. To control it, at the tail end of the machine is a push bar that is used for steering.

  • Articulated frame motor grader

Articulated frame motor graders are usually used for larger projects. They come with an articulated frame attached to two larger wheels. Each wheel has its own steering wheel attached to it. The steering wheel is used to steer the blade along the land or road surface. Both wheels can pivot to enable the machine to manuveur in tight areas and driveways. The main benefits of articulated frame motor graders is that they can go and operate anywhere a truck can, and move faster than a small framed machine.

Different sizes of motor graders

  • Small motor graders

Small motor graders have small length blades to fit in small or tight areas. They have the same controls as larger machines, used for the same purposes. Motor graders of this size are typically used for small construction projects and landscaping.

  • Medium motor graders

Medium motor graders have medium length blades that can cover more land with each pass. Medium motor garders are commonly used for expressway, roads and large construction projects.

  • Large motor graders

Larger motor graders also known as “Heavy motor graders” are the largest of its kind and commonly used to prepare large areas of land for residential or commercial developments.

Rent vs Buying motor graders

Renting Buying
  • Lack of funds
  • Lack storage space
  • Lack of technicians and operators
  • Short and temporary usage
  • Have the resources to purchase
  • Have the constant need to use it for long-term
  • Requires flexibiltiy to use on demand


Road graders  are considered a necessity in road works and constructions as they can be used for various applications from surface grading, finishing and road construction.

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