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Trencher Rental Singapore

The trencher as its name suggests is a construction equipment that creates trenches on the ground. This is a machine used for laying drainage, pipes, as well as electrical cables on the ground. There is a wide range of trenchers available today that may vary according to size, attachments, load capacity, and even power. It is also ideal equipment to use for digging irrigations and plumbing, as well as landscaping and any yard work. If you’re considering Trencher Rental Singapore, here are a few things you need to know about the trencher for you to make sure you’re renting the right one.

Types of trenchers

If you’re considering renting a trencher for your next project, you may want to consider the type which is designed for a particular purpose. The available types of trenchers today are as follows:

Wheel trencher – wheel trenchers or also known as the rock wheel trencher is made up of a toothed metal wheel. Compared to other types of trenchers, this is much easier as well as cheaper to operate. It works perfectly on both hard as well as soft soils and is commonly used to create trenches for road maintenance and construction. A good feature of this type of trencher is that it can be mounted over rubber tires.

Chain trencher – the chain trencher on the other hand makes use of a belt or chain to create the trenches. It looks similar to a giant chainsaw equipped with a bucket to dig dirt off the ground. It makes use of a boom which provides depth control for every cut. This trencher is ideal for cutting wider or bigger trenches on the ground.

Micro trencher – the micro trencher as its name suggests is a smaller version of the wheel trencher or rock wheel trencher. It is designed especially for light construction or groundwork. Its width can range from 30 to 130 mm, having a depth of at least 50 cm or less. With its much smaller size, it is more manageable thus providing more accurate work.

Portable trencher – portable trenchers are more of the trenchers used for finishing. It is used for smaller or minor groundwork or yard work such as installation of edging as well as irrigation lines. As the name suggests, these trenchers are portable and lightweight, easy to use and control, and can either be chain or blade oriented.

Why it is better to rent a trencher than buy it?

Now that you’ve come to know what a trencher is as well as its different types and purpose, why should you rent it instead of buying it?
Firstly, it helps you save money from the initial purchase cost. You can simply save the rest of your money for other expenses associated with your project. Also, you will be able to take hold of the equipment at a much faster rate if you rent. Equipment that is rented is readily available as compared to purchased equipment. In addition, renting equipment relieves you of any maintenance as well as repairs.

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