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Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd is one of the leading vacuum truck and tanker rental suppliers and service providers in Singapore. Vacuum tankers or vacuum trucks are trucks with a tank and a pump. The pump is designed to suck the liquid, sludges, slurries, or similar materials from a designated location into the tank of the truck for transport.

Vacuum trucks are often used to transport septage or fecal sludge from septic tanks to sewage treatment plants. However, they can also be used to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial liquids and other liquified or dry materials.

With their vast application potential, vacuum trucks & tankers are widely used in mining, chemical processing, paper, and pulp mills, power plants, manufacturing, construction, sanitation, and the agriculture industry.

There are generally five types of vacuum trucks:

Liquid Vacuum Trucks

Liquid vacuum trucks are widely used for commercial and industrial to pump, temporarily store and transport liquids from septic tanks, oil/water separators, catch basins, oil spills, and various other locations.

Water Tanker Trucks

A water tanker truck (also called water tanker, water tank truck, or water carrier) is a vehicle designed to transport water in a variety of specialized industries for different applications.

The applications can include:

  1. Dust control at construction and mining sites
  2. Fire control by hauling water to remote areas and supply it to fire trucks
  3. Soil compaction to ensure safe infrastructure and building construction.
  4. Water source for agriculture / farming during drought and dry seasons.
  5. Hauling safe portable water to areas with prolong water supply cuts or shortages.

Water trucks do come in different sizes and can haul volumes ranging from 2,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons. Water tanker trucks are a great solution to provide mobile and readily accessible source of water to areas where there’s no direct access to water pipe lines.

Combination Vacuum Trucks

Combination vacuum trucks, as the name suggests, can vacuum both dry and wet materials. Making it very versatile equipment. This specific type of vacuum truck is ideal for removing damp materials. They are commonly used for cleaning up storm drains, sewer lines, catch basins, settling ponds, and drainage ditches.

Industrial Vacuum Loaders

Industrial vacuum loaders are great for dry materials. They function by using positive displacement blowers that direct the air and make it possible to suck a wide range of different dry materials. Equipped with a special filtration system, they can be used in areas that have high amounts of dust, ash, and other types of flying debris. Industrial vacuum trucks are widely used in farms, baghouses, food-grade facilities, power plants, chemical plants, construction sites, and manufacturing plants.

Vacuum Tankers

Vacuum tankers are the biggest version of vacuum trucks. Offering more power and higher capacities. They are the ideal selection for jobs that deal with the denser and large volume of liquids and slurries.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the vacuum tanker truck potential applications:

  • Emergency clean-up
  • Catalyst work
  • Ground suction or Excavation work
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Onshore activities
  • Petro-chemical activities
  • Well cleaning
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Shutdown cleaning works
  • Silo cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Water surface cleaning
  • Ship Cleaning
  • Suction or blowing of dry and wet materials
  • Pressuring liquids
  • Oven cleaning
  • Fly debris removal
  • Blasting grit suction
  • Blast furnace slag suction
  • Stable/Stall cleaning
  • Crawl space cleaning

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