Water Tanker Trucks

Water Tanker Trucks Rental In Singapore

Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd is one of the major suppliers for water tanker truck rentals in Singapore. We provide rental of non-portable water tanker trucks in a variety of sizes with different water holding capacities.

A water tanker truck (also called water tanker, water tank truck, or water carrier) is a vehicle designed to transport water in a variety of specialized industries such as heavy construction, mining, agriculture, for different applications.

Water tanker trucks applications can include:

  1. Dust control at construction and mining sites
  2. Fire control by hauling water to remote areas and supply it to fire trucks
  3. Soil compaction to ensure safe infrastructure and building construction.
  4. Water source for agriculture / farming during drought and dry seasons.
  5. Hauling safe portable water to areas with prolong water supply cuts or shortages.

Water trucks do come in different sizes and can haul volumes ranging from 2,000 gallons to 20,000 gallons. Water tanker trucks are a great solution to provide mobile and readily accessible source of water to areas where there’s no direct access to water pipe lines.

How are water loaded into the water trucks.

Most water trucks carry water in tanks or reservoirs. Water is drawn from the tanks or reservoirs by a water pump, and then transported to its intended destination for use. Filling up a water tanker can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours depending on the capacity and rate in which water is flowing into the truck’s reservoir.

Buying vs Renting a water tanker truck.

A brand new water tanker truck can cost upwards of US$24,000 depending on brand, size, volume and features. This doesn’t cost doesn’t include logistics charges, importation fees & taxes, road tax and other regulatory as well as miscellaneous charges imposed when buying a water tanker truck. Engaging a water tanker truck service or renting one makes more sense for project managers should a need for non-portable fresh water arise through the project time line.

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