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Wheel Tractor Scraper Rental in Singapore

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Wheel tractor scrapers or also known as Tournapull is a popular machine in construction used for earthmoving. While it is common to see this machine in action in the area of construction, it is also used in agriculture, mining, and other industries which require earth-moving applications. If you’re considering a Wheel Tractor Scraper Rental in Singapore, you’ll need to have a good idea of your ideal machine. Here’s what you need to know.

Wheel Tractor Scraper Parts and components

The primary component of the machine is the pan which features a tapered horizontal front that breaks the ground surface and fills the hopper with the broken debris or dirt. Depending on the power of the engine, how thick the cut is, the material, as well as the slope of the surface, the pan can be filled pretty quickly or slowly.

At the rear is the moveable hopper which can be lowered or raised hydraulically. Whenever the hopper is full, it is closed using a vertical blade known as the apron.

Of course, the machine cannot move on its own without something to push or pull it. in this regard, you’ll need a tractor. For single-unit scrapers, only one tractor is located in front of the scraper and does the pulling. However, for heavy-duty scraping jobs, two tractors are attached to the rear and front of the scraper – one tractor to pull and the other to push from behind to give extra power.

Types of Wheel tractor scrapers

Currently, there are four types of wheel tractor scrapers used in modern construction and earthmoving tasks. First is the single-wheeled scraper which is the most popular scraper used in construction in the US and other countries. It features the basic components and parts of a wheel tractor scraper.

The second type is the dual-engine wheeled scrapers which feature additional power to the ordinary scraper. It delivers increased power capacity for any earthmoving working, especially when working with hard and heavy materials such as boulders and ice.
The third type is the elevating scraper which features a self-loading carrying system, and a mechanism that mixes materials evenly.

Last but not least is the pull-type scraper which is designed to level, move as well as grade heavy and large materials. This type of scraper is ideal for sloping, terracing as well as ditching groundwork.

Benefits of renting Wheel tractor scrapers

As opposed to buying Wheel tractor scrapers, renting it is more beneficial, and here’s why.

Firstly, you don’t have to bother with ridiculous initial purchase costs. These machines are rather expensive and you don’t want to deliver a negative impact on your company’s budget – especially if you’re looking to use the equipment short-term.

Concerning the costs, you also free yourself from maintenance as well as repair costs. Although these things are still inevitable, the costs will be significantly lowered if the machine is rented.

By renting, you can choose a particular Wheel tractor scraper to use for a specific task. Rental companies have a wide variety of equipment that is particular to a specific task. Renting the right equipment delivers faster and more accurate results other than buying or renting regular machines.

In addition to the financial as well as technical benefits of renting a Wheel tractor scraper, you are also getting professional advice from experienced operators.

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