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Experienced Underground Cable Laying Contractor In Singapore

cable laying contractor in singapore

We are experts with underground cable tunneling, cable laying and cable installations, and we can carry out installations of electrical cables ranging from 6.6KV to 400KV. Our specialized team has more than 20 years of experience handling underground utility projects in densely populated areas with constrained working conditions.

Our most notable client in this specialized field is SP Power Singapore. SP Power is the leading energy solution provider in the country.  Throughout the years, we have assisted in deploying power transmission cable tunnels and networks in the country.

Underground cables have several advantages. The safety factor is very high; there’s also no maintenance cost; the selection of route length is easy and straightforward and can be laid across zigzag, sharp bend routes with ease. The cables are well protected and less exposed to damage due to storms, disasters and accidents that can potentially disrupt the electrical supply to the affected areas.

We can provide three main methods of laying underground cables.

  • Directly Laying

This is the cheapest and most popular method. The process involves digging a trench, covering it with sand, laying the cable over the sand bed and then covering it with bricks and soil to protect the cable from mechanical injury.

  • Draw-in System Laying

This method involves laying cast-iron or concrete pipes or ducts underground via manholes at suitable positions along the cable route. The cables are then pulled into and through the pipes from the manholes.

  • Solid System Laying

In this method, the cable is laid into troughing of cast iron, stoneware, asphalt, or treated wood. Once the cable is laid into position, the troughing is then filled with a bituminous asphaltic compound and then covered.

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