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Experienced Underground Pipe Laying Contractor In Singapore

Besides being one of the pioneering experts in cable tunneling and cable laying contractors in Singapore, Koh Kock Leong Pte Ltd also specializes in underground pipe laying and pipe installations. 

Pipe laying is the process by which long sections of pipe are installed and aligned so that they can be joined together.

It is common for both cables and pipes to be installed in conjunction for most construction projects. However, some projects require piping to be installed independantly such as gas pipe laying and water pipe laying.

Pipes are used in construction to create systems that connect homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and other facilities. They are the most convenient, efficient, and economical mode of transporting gas, liquid, slurry material or sewage.

There are several ways we can install pipes depending on the project requirments. Pipe laying and installation often take place at three different locations:

Buried (Underground)

Pipes are layed beneath the ground surface using open trenching, directional drilling, underwater laying and casing techniques.

Above ground

Pipes are layed along bridges, tunnels and technical areas.


Geographical challenges sometimes require pipes to be layed underground and above ground using a combination of pipe laying techniques.

So of the considerations involved when designing and installing pipeline systems are:

  • The maximum and working pressures.
  • Maximun and working temperatures.
  • Chemical properties of the fluid
  • The fuid velocity
  • The pipe material and grade
  • The safety factor or code design application
  • and so on.

If you’re looking for a pipe laying contractor in singapore, feel free to reach out to us using the ‘Get In Touch With Us’ button below. At Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd, we provide a wide range of heavy construction and civil engineering services and solution to ensure your project’s smooth progression and success.