Supply of Building Materials

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Construction & Building Material Supplier In Singapore

building material supplier singapore

We have been supplying construction and building materials since 1979 and have now grown into one of the major suppliers for graded stones, quarry dust, hardcore materials, aggregate, unwashed sand, construction sand, topsoil, liquefied stabilized soil (LSS) and freshwater (non-portable) till date. These materials are essential for various kinds of infrastructure and building construction.

We also provide other types of building material and supplies such as:

  • Commercial concrete
  • Concrete products
  • Cement
  • Asphalt
  • Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)
  • Heavy Duty Protective Sheeting
  • Steel fabric reinforcement mesh
  • Reinforcing steel bars
  • Tying wires
  • Gas pipes
  • HDPE pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • Culvert pipes
  • Electrical Cable
  • And more

To get a complete list of all the construction materials we supply, feel free to contact us using the button below.

At Koh Kock Leong Pte Ltd, we don’t just supply materials. We work with these materials through our various specialized civil engineering and construction services. We’re a one-stop-shop company in the industry. Instead of engaging multiple suppliers and contractors for your project, why not hire us for your convenience and more efficient project management.

Please note that all liquefied stabilized soil orders will are fulfilled through our affiliated company, HSS ENVIRO PTE LTD, who manufactures LSS on our site.

LSS is a self-compacting, flow-able, self-leveling material consisting mainly of soil and cementitious materials which are mixed uniformly, widely used as a material to do back-filling. This replaces the conventional way of back-filling. Being flow-able, LSS can be easily filled in excavated areas or confined spaces which may be unsafe or impossible if using the conventional method of back-filling with soil.

LSS can also be used as a non-structural fill for buildings and structures, as well as for back-filling for utilities and abandon pipes. LSS comes in handy and complements our civil engineering works, value-adding our services to our clients. We may be able to customize the product to suit our clients’ needs.