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One way that we can tell the advancement of a community is by simply looking at its roads. A road that is smooth and compact shows modernity. What’s more, an asphalt road makes traveling easy and comfortable. One technology that makes asphalt roads possible is the Asphalt Paver. Asphalt is a popular material used in road construction because of its durability as well as resistance to moisture, heavy loads, as well as other external elements. Also, it is easier to maintain and has better aesthetics than concrete pavement. An Asphalt paver makes paving the road with asphalt easy and fast. If you’re looking for an Asphalt Paver Rental in Singapore, here are the things you should know.

What is an Asphalt Paver?

Based on the name itself, an asphalt paver is a construction equipment that lays asphalt on pavement – especially roadways as well as other outdoor ground surfaces. The asphalt mixture contains oil by-products along with aggregate materials and gravel. Currently, there exist two models of asphalt pavers – the first is the paver that is the compact unit asphalt paver, and the second is the self-propelled asphalt paver.

  • The compact unit asphalt paver is towed by a tractor or a truck. This is usually used for small projects such as paving parking lots and small roads. This is an ideal paver to use when dealing with small or narrow areas where huge trucks are unable to work freely. Since it is designed for light paving jobs, it has lesser power which is only about 4-20 horsepower.
  • The self-propelled asphalt paver on the other hand is the one that is used for large-scale paving projects. It comes with a horsepower range of 60-250 for long and heavy paving work. Depending on the requirement, a self-propelled asphalt paver may come with various features and functions such as increased output torque for its engine, load-sensing hydraulic system, power-saving system, wider paving width, high-capacity hopper, and so much more.

An asphalt paver is made up of a tractor, the screed, and the feeder. The tractor is in charge of maneuvering the paver in which direction to work. The tractor also comes with a paver where materials are mixed and heated before starting a job. Another part of the asphalt paver is the screed which supports the leveling of the ground surface as the asphalt is being distributed. The usually comes with features and functions which allow for better control and more accurate leveling. Some of these features include sensors, vibration components, width adjustment, and many others.

Our final thoughts

An asphalt paver is a piece of handy equipment whenever dealing with roads and ground surfaces. Not only does make the job easier and faster, but it also ensures that the ground stays usable for a long time. While it is not ideal to purchase a brand-new asphalt paver, there is always an option to rent. Renting this equipment relieves you of any unnecessary spending for a brand-new unit, and renting from a credible company provides you access to assistance as well as guidance on how to use the equipment effectively. To know which asphalt paver to rent, you need to bear in mind a few considerations to make sure you’re choosing the right unit. These considerations include features and upgrades for increased productivity, comfort and control, maintenance, and price.

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