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Construction Soil Bin Rental In Singapore

construction soil bin rental singapore

Soil disposal bin rentals are necessary at any construction or project site where the production of waste is high. Unlike the typical household waste produced at home, construction wastes are handled very differently. Instead of going straight to a designated landfill or dumping ground, construction and demolition wastes are usually transported to sorting facilities to separate recyclable waste materials from non-recyclable ones before further processing.

Some of the standard demolition and construction wastes include:

• Concrete, bricks, tiles, cement, and ceramics
• Wood, glass, and plastic
• Insulation and asbestos materials
• Bituminous mixtures, coal tar, and tar
• Metallic waste (such as pipes and bars)
• Soil, stones, and dredging waste
• Paints and varnishes
• Adhesives and sealants

Many of such waste can be salvaged, reused, or recycled once they are processed.

As construction and demolition wastes are often produced at a high volume, companies and contractors would usually arrange for several soil bins to be deployed throughout the project’s timeline for better handling and management of waste on-site.

At Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd, construction waste management and disposal are some of the core services we provide on a day-to-day basis. However, we also provide soil bin rental services to other company or contractors who needs it within Singapore.

We have a wide variety of soil disposal bins available for rent.

Our smallest construction waste bin measures 6 feet long x 3.5 feet wide x 4 feet tall with a capacity of 2.3 cubic meters and our largest waste bin measures 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8 feet tall with a capacity of 30.6 cubic meters.

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