Tipper (Dump) Trucks

Tipper & Dump Trucks Rental In Singapore

tipper dump truck rental singapore

Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd has one of Singapore’s largest fleets of tipper trucks and dump trucks for rent. These trucks are mainly used for loading, transporting, and unloading large quantities of sand, mud, soil, creamy sand, wet soil, aggregates, hard cores, other construction materials, and even waste materials. Thus, making tipper (dump) trucks one of the industry’s most essential heavy construction equipment.

As Singapore continues developing and upgrading its building and infrastructures, tipper trucks are crucial in transporting materials and waste to its designation island-wide.

Some of the loose building material commonly transported by dump trucks are:

  • Asphalt
  • Construction aggregate
  • Dirt (Soil)
  • Sand
  • Grain
  • Gravel
  • Wood chips
  • And More

Tipper trucks are also commonly use to transport construction debris and wastes to respective dump sites and material recycling plants.

Till date, dump trucks remains the preferred choice for moving materials and wastes.

Tipper trucks are also known as Dump trucks. They come in various shapes, sizes and can be categorized generally into five types.

  • Standard Tipper Trucks or Normal Dump Trucks

These are the common ones widely used in heavy construction works. The average capacity of a standard tipper truck can range from 10 – 15 tons of material, but some types can haul as high as 35 – 40 tons.

  • Semi-Trailer end Tippers

Semi-Trailer end tippers can haul a much higher material load and withstand more challenging conditions than standard tipper trucks. It’s not a truck by itself but a trailer with a hydraulic dump body that needs to be attached to a prime over for transportation.

  •  Side Dump Trucks

Although not very common, side dump trucks provide a unique way to transport and dump loose materials. In addition, the unloading position is from the side instead of the vertical back, making it ideal for tight job sites requiring a considerable load capacity.

  • Haul Trucks or Dumpers

These are the giant tipper dump trucks in the family and are mainly used at mining sites or massive construction projects. They can haul up to 400 tons of loose material on a single trip and perform under the most challenging climate and conditions.

  • Belly Tipper Truck or Bottom Dump Truck

The least common of all are the belly tipper truck or bottom dump truck. Like the semi-trailer end tippers, it’s not a truck but a trailer with a dump body that must be attached to a prime mover to transport materials. These are the only type of tipper trucks that can unload materials neatly in rows.

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