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Construction Steel Plates Rental In Singapore

steel plates for rent in singapore

Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd is one of the major suppliers for construction and road steel plate rental in Singapore. These steel plates are considered one of the essential materials used for construction projects. Many construction companies and project managers rely on steel plate rental for various temporary applications throughout their project lifespan.

The most common and primary uses of mild steel plates involve covering hazard areas within the construction site so that vehicles and workers can move through safely. Steel plates can also be used to build a temporary track or road within the project or construction site so vehicles can move through without getting stranded.

Steel plates are great for reinforcing grounds, temporary cover for potholes, a temporary path over trenches and other soft grounds expecting heavy load-bearing from vehicles. Mild steel plates are also known as road plates, crossing plates, trench plates, iron maters, metal sheets and steel road plates.

There are several things to consider when choosing steel plates for renting. They are:

  • Plate panel size, coverage, and thickness
  • Load bearing ratings
  • Anti-skid and airside treatments
  • Safe handling, installation, and transportation
  • Edge, ramp & chamfering details

We have various steel plates of different sizes, thicknesses, and purposes for rent.

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