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Tanker Trucks Rental In Singapore

tanker truck rental singapore

Koh Kock Leong Enterprise Pte Ltd is one of the major suppliers for tanker truck rentals in Singapore. Tanker trucks are designed to transport liquefied loads, freshwater, dry bulk cargo, or gases from distribution centers and depots to construction sites. There are different types of truck tankers to rent for specific purposes. Truck tankers also come in various sizes. Below, we will describe the different types we have available for rental in Singapore.

  • Oil Tanker Trucks

Oil tankers are mainly used to transport petroleum products like gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other types of dense oil. Some of these petroleum products are used to fuel and power up heavy construction equipment on the construction site.

  • Water Tanker Trucks

Water tankers are mainly used to transport fresh water to the project or construction site. Water trucks are dedicated machines and should only be used to carry and transport water. Freshwater can serve various purposes in the constructions site. For example, they can be used for drinking, mixing materials, rinsing, washing dirt on the road etc.

  • Food Tanker Trucks

Although Food tankers are not relevant in the construction industry, it is good to know they exist. Food tankers are mainly used to transport liquid food like milk, syrup, egg solution, wine, etc. This equipment is popular among food dealers but not within the construction industry.

  • Gas Tanker Trucks

Gas tankers are mainly used to transport pressurized gas like LPG, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and more. The tanks are designed to be rounded to withstand high pressure. The tanks also come with a safety valve to lower the pressure within the tank when needed.

  • Bulk Tanker Trucks

Bulk tankers are mainly used to transport dry bulk products such as cement and other dry bulk construction materials. Bulk tankers are almost similar to tipper and dump trucks, but the difference is the tank and how the materials are discharged. Bulk tanker trucks can transport dry bulk products safely without any leaks and mess.

The tanks of tankers trucks come in different variations as well. There are three basic types of tank design. They are known as bulkheads, baffles, and smoothbores. Depending on which kind of tank design is used, it affects how liquid cargo moves within the tank while in motion.

  • Smoothbores Tank

Smoothbores tanks have one long, smooth interior compartment without bulkheads or baffles. Although it is designed to make interior sanitization easy, the liquid cargo within can slosh freely, which raises safety concerns while in motion.

  • Baffles Tank

Baffles tanks have angled dividers with holes for liquid cargo to pass through freely when the truck is in motion. The baffles help reduce liquid’s internal movement and keep them evenly distributed when the truck is on the move. In addition, baffles are a safety installation to prevent tanker trucks from overturning if the driver needs to hit the emergency breaks while on the road.

  • Bulkheads Tank

Bulkheads tanks contain solid dividers that compartmentalize the inner tank. A bulkheads tank can have up to 5 separated and independent compartments within, thus enabling different types of liquid cargo to be transported simultaneously. Bulkheads tank also benefits from the safety aspect like the baffles tank.

When it comes to tanker truck sizes, there is a variety as well. Smaller tanker trucks can easily haul up to 4 tons of cargo, while larger tanker trucks can haul a maximum of 15 tons of cargo. Therefore, depending on the on type of cargo and capacity requirements, there will be a suitable tanker truck for rent.

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